Inauguration Day 1961

The president's father beamed with pride and the King of Pop listened
intently that cold, windy day when JFK suggested they ask not what
their country could do for them, but what they could do for their country.


Frank B. Oldfield
25" x 31", Acrylic and plastic on lace
Donated by the artist

The texture of the lace lends a luster to the complexion. Careful placement of Christmas poinsettias adds an Easter Island element to this remarkable portrait of the sixteenth president's wife. A painting that could have changed the course of the Civil War. 

Painted layer by layer on four sheets of lace and adorned with previously used holiday decorations, this painting was a favorite of the artist. Mr. Oldfield presented the work as a gift to a friend and was saddened when it was returned, unwanted. Upon hearing of MOBA and its resolve to provide a home for spectacular and unwanted pieces of art, he was thrilled. "I love it, I would never hang it on my wall, and it seems I can't give it away. Then I heard about MOBA and I rejoiced that there is a place where my painting will be seen and celebrated." 


Acrylic on canvas
Acquired by Scott Wilson from trash

This disturbing work "makes an offer you can't refuse". The chilling, matter-of-fact manner in which the subject presents the severed head to us is a poignant reminder of just how numb we have become. The understated violence implicit in the scene speaks volumes on our own desensitization, our society's reflexive use of force, and the artist's inability to deal with the hindquarters of the animal