Oozing my Religion


24" x 30", Pastels and acrylic on canvas

The organ master stares, transfixed by twin mysterious visions; the Neanderthal saint in the setting sun and the Gothic monk proceeding out from the cathedral's sanctum -- each framed by a halo of organ pipes, reminiscent of #2 pencils. 


13"x31" Acrylic on pressboard
Purchased by M. Frank at a Boston thrift store
MOBA #442

Clearly an homage to the late Pope John Paul II, this painting is not without mysterious imagery. The MOBA research Department has determined that the writing in the upper left corner is the beginning of the Lord's Prayer in Italian ("Our Father who art in heaven"). Unexplained, though, is the unusual lettering and Milkbone logo in the lower left quadrant. Also unexplained is the signifigance of the jagged red line that runs horizontally across the image. Some scholars speculate it represents an EKG of the Pope in failing health, while others insist it represents the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the life of "The Great One", 1920-2005.